Anne Weller, M.ED, MFT

I have been  involved in the area of autism for 30 years; developing programs for  children on the autism spectrum and other challenges, training parents  and professionals in the art and skills necessary to affect desired  changes or progress, guiding the development of children with ASD to  encourage strengths, celebrate quirks, and improve weaknesses. I  understand the array of feelings and challenges confronting parents of  children with special needs: the highs and the lows, the fears and  frustrations, the helplessness and empowerment. 

Oftentimes, the  impact that a diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can have on  the sibling, marital, and extended family relationships is overlooked.  My training and experience prepare me to work with the entire family  system.  There are few situations which I haven't encountered over the  years, each distinct in some aspect and demanding a caring,  compassionate and individualized approach for maximum benefit.

The dilemma of how to help your child with autism is a parent's challenge.  Let's identify goals based on your child's abilities and achieve them. 

Previous Experience

  • Therapist  in private practice at Bucks Family Therapy Associates (Holland, PA)  and the Autism Spectrum Resource Center (Newtown, PA) with a focus on  providing consultation, social skills, communication, and therapeutic  interventions for children and adults on the autism spectrum as well as  systemic family therapy services.
  • Executive  Director of the Delaware Valley Chapter of Let's Play to Grow (Joseph  P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation), a program of adaptive physical play and  activities for children with special needs and their families.​
  • ​Executive  director of a private consultancy contracting with corporate and  public entities, public school districts, behavior health providers, and  private families to provide consultative and therapeutic services.
  • Director  and Developer of ESY program implementing goals in social skills,  language, and sensory integration for children on the autism spectrum.

  • ​Program developer of elementary autistic support programs in public school districts. 

  • ​Special education professional with a specialty in the education of students with an autism spectrum disorder.